A framed poster leaning against a white wall. The poster is blue, yellow, and cream with a large letter H formed by yellow, folded stickers.

Poster Design


I did a study on movement and letterforms, exploring how these elements work together in a 24" x 36" poster.

I experimented with the letter 'H' and created different iterations of it using common office supplies. Since the letter 'H' has strong vertical and horizontal axes, I wanted to similarly capture strong lines of movement through photography.

Letterform exploration with office supplies.
Close-up of ink explorations.
Scans of rubber band explorations.
Pencil sketches of dance movement.
Screenshots of organizing and ranking photographs.
Joy Hwang jumping with her arms raised up.
Joy Hwang kicking her leg up and reaching for her toe with her hand.
Joy Hwang jumping with her arms stretched out.
Final poster designs.
Final poster designs.
Final poster design.