A blue book with the title 'Milk.' The book is set on a desk and is held by a pair of hands.

Milk: Tangible Labels, Clear Choices


Milk has a long and established history as a staple in the American diet, but its packaging is not fully accessible to customers with visual impairments.

Through my research, I investigated the main barriers that milk packaging poses to the visually impaired over the course of about a month.

I wrote and designed a forty-page book based on my research process and findings.

A spiral-bound sketchbook displaying a diagram of food packaging and its relationship to broader spheres, such as shopping/retail and home/kitchen.
A six-week plan for research.
Milk packaging simulated through the lens of three common color vision deficiencies.
A bunch of research process photos and sketches pinned to a metal wall.
Chapter covers for each research step chronologically shown in a row.
A spread of layouts from the research book shown in two rows.
The final book contained interactive tactile elements, including a prototyped sticker pack that I proposed as a solution to making milk (and packaging in general) more accessible to the visually impaired.
Click through the slide deck above to see a summary of my process and results.