A black and white poster composed of textured drawings of a shoe, the word ‘sneaker,’ and the golden ratio.



I designed a series of representations of a shoe. I initially sketched variations in marker and pen, focusing on line and shape respectively, then refined the best into vectors. I then created a series of posters using a variety of approaches (rotation/repetition, scanning, the golden ratio).

15 line sketches of a shoe.
15 shape sketches of a shoe.
Poster using line drawing of shoe focusing on scale.
Iteration two focusing on repetition.
Iteration three focusing on rotation.
Shoe drawing one: black silhouette.
Shoe drawing two: funky marker lines.
Shoe drawing three: contour drawing.
Shoe drawing four: black silhouette but with minimal detail.
Shoe drawing five: curvy line drawing.
Shoe drawing six: three shoelaces stacked on each other, mimicking the shape of a shoe.
Shoe drawing seven: a line drawing with more uniform shapes.
Shoe drawing eight: black silhouette combined with a knocked-out sole and toe.
Textured drawings of a shoe using ink.
A poster made by scanning and moving a textured drawing.
Another poster made by the same process, but with a different textured drawing.
Original textured drawing 1.
Scanned and vectorized drawing 1.
Inverted vector 1.
Original draft of poster 1 using textured vector 1 and the golden ratio.
Textured drawings of a shoe using ink.
Final poster 2.
Original textured drawing 2.
Scanned and vectorized drawing 2.
Inverted vector 2.
Final poster 2.