Apple Watch mockup displaying the redesigned podcast cover of Carbon Valley.

Carbon Valley


Carbon Valley is a tech podcast that follows five start-ups competing to innovate the technology of carbon capture. Their tagline is, “Following the race to develop an unlikely climate solution.”

I redesigned the podcast cover art to improve the clarity of its visual message. I simplified the concept to improve reducibility and customized a logomark to be used as an asset in websites, merch, etc.

Original cover of Carbon Valley
A screenshot of a Google Doc containing initial research.
Sketchbook spread containing initial thoughts and thumbnails. 1 of 3.
Sketchbook spread 2 of 3.
Sketchbook spread 3 of 3.
Initial digital drafts containing pixelated Wyoming mountains with the title 'Carbon Valley.'
Developed drafts extending the v and y in 'valley' and incorporating a charcoal dust texture.
The designed logomark for Carbon Valley.
The final cover design displayed at different sizes to demonstrate reducibility.
Episode options using a system of circled numbers in the bottom right corner.
Apple Podcast mockups shown on an iPhone.
Spotify mockups shown on an iPhone and Apple Watch.